Bolian Pu'er Tea Fazenda

Bolian Pu'er Tea Manor is the first tea-themed manor in China. It organically combines national culture, Pu'er tea culture and ecological culture. It is a tea manor integrating tea planting, processing, storage, tourism and culture. Also, it has realized the standardization from tea field to tea cup, and injected a new concept into Pu 'er tea.


In 2006, Bolian came to the tea mountain, Jingmai. The company takes the protection of Jingmai Mountain's ecological environment, ecological ethnic culture and customs, as well as excellent resources such as thousands acre of ancient tea field as the priority. Bolian draws on the concept and model of wine estates in the Bordeaux region of France, combines with the superior Pu'er tea resources in Jingmai Mountain and the unique Pu'er tea history and culture. The 11,000 acres of tea field has been developed into a thinly forested tea field with IMO certification and China organic certification.In addition, it innovates the development mode of tea and tourism integration. It is a tea manor integrating tea planting, processing, storage, tourism and culture, including tea field, tea village, tea factory, tea cellar, tea hotel, tea ancestor worship, tea museum, tea ceremony and tea research.


Bolian Pu'er plucks the leaves tea trees on the banks of the Lancang River and the ancient tea mountain in Jingmai. The leaves are kneaded into the time of the thousand years; blended with cultures of minority including Lahu, Bulang, Hani, Wa and Dai that have prospered from generation to generation; connected to the science and health of the production; fitted into the rich humanistic culture. These have made tea – Bolian’s Pu'er tea.


Bolian Pu 'er, along the hoof prints between the ancient tea horse road in thousands of years, pass the Lancang river’s ancient bridge in wind and rain, the valley of three rivers, the roof of the world, the modern city and the world.