Talent Philosophy

     Bolian Group adheres to the concept of "talents are the first resource to realize sustainable development" and absorbs excellent talents domestic and foreign with open attitude; At the same time, always pay attention to the rural revival of the project location, create employment opportunities for the industrial location, inherit the traditional culture, and strive to make every employee live a better life.

     Bolian Group attaches great importance to talent training and the career development of each employee. The group has established Bolian Academy to cultivate talents and improve the quality of employees. It has delivered a large number of professionals with knowledge and ability to the whole society also help employees achieve career promotion.

   Bolian Group continues to improve its internal promotion mechanism, and gives priority to selecting excellent employees from within for core management positions and professional skills positions, so as to not only ensure the inheritance and development of corporate culture and core values, but also ensure that each employee of the company has a broad stage to display their talents.

     In addition, the group encourages the internal flow of talents, respects employees' career choices, and provides employees with multiple development channels in the layout of tourism and cultural industry, hotel industry, tea industry, commerce and other industries. Employees can apply internally independently according to their own growth and development needs.